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The Clubhouse is my answer to those nameless, faceless tout services that charge you a fortune for their selections.

I'm not going to guarantee you winners or pretend I have all the answers...But, I can promise that I put my heart and soul into my selections. I take a lot of pride in The Clubhouse and hope you enjoy it.

I believe that when you handicap sporting events,you should compile as much information as you possibly can. And, that's exactly what I do. Not only do I spend the time studying, I also speak to several of the top handicappers on a daily basis. It is my goal to take the information I gather and pass it on to you in the form of winning selections.

And, unlike just about every other sports handicapping sites I don't charge an arm and a leg for individual selections. For less than $1.50/day you get access to all of the selections and analysis posted on the site.

I believe that you should treat your handicapping as an investment. Before you invest your money, don't you want to be armed with as much information as possible?

Many members of Norm's Clubhouse have let us know that the best benefit of Clubhouse Membership has been the 'Late Selections from Handicappers Around the Nation' that we post every Saturday and Sunday (and from time to time on other games during the week). I basically talk with several handicappers around the nation every day. Many times there will be games where there seems to be a consensus agreement among these "wiseguys." 

These selections are usually RED HOT! Just ONE decent weekend of selections can cover an entire year of Clubhouse Dues!

~ Norm

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