September 29-October 7, 2018

October 04, 2018 1:11 PM | Anonymous

October 7, 2018


Here are you Late Consensus Picks for the NFL games of Sunday, Oct. 7.


STRONG PLAYS: Pitt -3 Atlanta

                              KC -3 Jacksonville


Denver -1 NY Jets

Minnesota +3 Philadelphia

Green Bay PICK Detroit

Arizona +3 1/2 San Francisco

Oakland +5 LA Chargers

NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: I must advise you that the handicapping world is more than a but mixed on that above play on the Minnesota Vikings. For me, this game is simply confusing and I'll pass.

As for the other games, this Sunday left me a bit cold. I came close to making Carolina a Pick of the Pole and for today a very tepid recommendation on the Panthers is about as much as I can offer.

But there are much better places down this road. Be careful.

LIGHT play on Carolina -6 1/2 NY Giants.


SATURDAY RECORD: 1-1....+$0.05

PLAYOFFS SO FAR: 4-4....+$0.40

Colorado -145 Milwaukee

LA Dodgers -170 Atlanta

Happy Sunday! 

October 6, 2018


Record Friday:0-1....-$1.00

Playoffs so far: 3-3.....+$0-35

Cleveland +135 Houston

NY Yankees +105 Boston


Here are your Late Consensus Picks for  the college games of Saturday, Oct. 6:


STRONG PLAYS:  Florida +2 1/2 LSU

                               Colorado -2 1/2 Arizona State


Wake Forest +20 1/2 Clemson

Texas +7 Oklahoma

Virginia Tech +6 1/2 Notre Dame

E. Michigan +4 W. Michigan

Kentucky +5 1/2 Texas A&M

San Jose +2 1/2 Colorado State

Hawaii -2 1/2 Wyoming

NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: Let me begin by saying that, while I deeply respect the handicapper who made the above pick on Kentucky, I'll be staying away  from this game. My sense is that A&M's a bit better than  every believes and that Kentucky might be a tad worse than their 5-0 record suggests. Give me a PASS  on this game

I do, however, like three games today:

For me the line on the Georgia Souther--So. Alabama game has simply fallen to far.I like Geo. So. when the line was -13 1/2. Now it's -11 or -11 1/2. I'll bite.

TAKE: Georgia So. -11 1/2 So. Alabama

I know Rutgers is just awful. Just awful! But today Illinois is favored on the road which just as distasteful/\.Give me the Scarlet Knights.

TAkE: Rutgers +5 Illinois

Buffalo's a solid team with a start QB coming off a poor game. C. Mich looks like just any other raggedy outfit.

TAKE: Buffalo -7 1/2 C. Michigan

Good hunting today!

October 5, 2018


Thursday record: 1-0....+$1.00

Playoffs so far: 3-2...+$1.35

Friday: NY Yankees +170 Boston

In the series: NY Yankees +130 Boston

Good hunting today!

October 4, 2018


Wednesday record: 0-1....-$1.00

Playoffs so far: 2-2....+$0.35

Atlanta--LA Dodgers UNDER 7


There is one Late Consensus Pick on the NFL game tonight. It is a REGULAR STRENGTH play:

TAKE: New England -10 Indianapolis

October 3, 2018


Tuesday record: 1-0....+$1.20

Playoffs so far: 2-1....+$1.35

Oakland +175 NY Yankees

Good hunting today

October 2, 2018


Monday record: 1-1....+$0.15

Playoffs so far: 1-1....+$0.15

Colorado +120 Cubs

October 1, 2018


Milwaukee +115 Cubs

Colorado +165 LA Dodgers

Good luck


There is one Late Consensus Pick (actually a couple on the same team on Monday Night Football). It is a REGULAR STRENGTH play:

TAKE: Denver +3 1/2 Kansas City

NORM'S LATE THOUGHT: The more I looked at this game the more it looked like a high scoring affair. I'd "lean" to the OVER.

Cheers everyone and happy October! 

September 30, 2018


Here are your Late Consensus Picks for the NFL games of Sunday, Sept. 30:


STRONG PLAYS: Seattle -3 1/2


Detroit Lions +3 Dallas

NY Giants +3 New Orleans

Chicago -2 1/2 Tampa Bay

Baltimore +3 Pittsburgh

New England -6 1/2 Miami

Tennessee +3 Philadelphia

NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: Another reminder that REALLY applies to these games---consider the money line. It takes some nerve to bet underdogs to win the games straight up and, for example, taking the NYG +3 to win straight up exposes you to the possibility that New Orleans wins the game by a very narrow margin and you lose a straight up play when taking +3 could have produced a winner or a push. But, you can get the Lions, Giants, Titans and Ravens all at +125 or +130 straight up in their roles as small dogs. If you like CLE (which I do)  or DEN tomorrow night you can get similar to higher prices. The money line's a nice, rewarding alternative ways to play games and make prices work for you. Cheers!


Saturday record:0-3...-$3.50

Season so far: 345-334....-$14.20

White Sox +125 Minnesota

September 29, 2018


Here are your LATE CONSENSUS PICKS for the games of Saturday, SepT. 29. Both picks last night were winners. Lets keep this going.

VERY STRONG PLAYS: Virginia Tech +4 1/2 Duke

STRONG PLAYS: Florida Atlantic -3 Middle Tennessee


BYU +17 Washington

Ohio -13 1/2 UMass

Texas Tech +3 1/2 West Virginia

Florida +7 Mississippi State

New Mexico -7 Liberty

Penn State +3 1/2 Ohio State

Texas A&M -20 1/2 Arkansas

Cal +2 Oregon

NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: I'm not big fan of a couple of the above plays. I'll tread very lightly on the FAU--Middle Tenn game. And, as you know from my selections, I go the other way on the Texas Tech game favoring W. Virginia. But I respect each of the handicappers whose study of these games has taken them in a different direction.

Today I have two games for you. A couple years ago Indiana and Rutgers were both Big 10 bottom feeders. Rutgers still  is. But Indiana's making progress. One way to encourage progress is to smash lesser squads. That's what I believe happens today.

Utah meanwhile visits Washington State. For me this one comes down to simply asking which is the better team in this virtual toss-up game. For me that's Utah. So:

TAKE: Indiana -16 1/2 Rutgers

TAKE: Utah -2 Washington State


Friday record: 5-1....+$3.90

Season so far: 345-331.....-$10.70

Pittsburgh -135 Cincinnati

Atlanta +145 Piladelphia

Colorado -125 Washington

Good hunting today

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